By inventing this chemical paint we can paint only one side of the profile in a way that the color of exterior surface of windows and doors could exactly match the faade of building. Moreover, by using this method the older windows of one unit in a building could be replaced by new uPVC windows while still matching the color of older windows of the same building.

1. Creating variety of colors in products that could satisfy taste of customers;

2. The possibility of replacing and renewing the windows of a single apartment unit maintaining the color uniformity of the whole buildings faade;

3. The possibility of matching the color of window frames with glazes and buildings faade;

4. Creating the option of uPVC windows instead of aluminum ones since the former could be presented in colorful instances;

5. The possibility of having the subjects polished at any time desired;

6. The possibility of painting the installed windows and implementing the anti-streaks coverage (repair and improvement of yellowed profiles);

7. Capability of manufacturing the product in glossy, semi glossy, opaque and metallic shades;

8. High elasticity and tenacity of the paint coating;

9. Resistant to strong detergents and organic solvents.





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