Certifications and Standards


Test results performed in the laboratory uPVC leave coverage:


1. Adhesion cross cut (ASTM D3359). 

Results Cross hatch method 1 mm. Pass 100% adhesion.

ASTM D3359, PEU D251075 (2003)


2. Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D 4060)

Results A result of 4 for all colours (Scale is 1 to 5).

ASTM D 4060


3. Weather ability: ASTM G 53 - 10 years


Substrate                         PVC-u window profiles

Coating                            Pegah Paint in various colours

Application                       By spray

Film Thickness                 50 5 microns approx dry

Time                               2000 hours


4.  Thermal Shock:

Thermal shock testing from positive to negative 10 degrees 90 degrees centigrade (25 Bartkrar by)

Results: change shape coverage was observed. (No crack and blister rust) A brief explanation of the test: Sample color profiles from environmental temperature 10 - C, immediately placed in water 90 degrees and 25 with the test were repeated.


5. Flexibility Bend Test at 20ºC and 10ºC using 6mm mandrel:

Test similar flexibility Mandrel 6 mm Results: crack surface film was observed. A brief explanation of testing: Due to lack of flexibility and lack of uPVC profiles related test, these tests the same method to test on Mendel 6 mm uPVC belts was done. 


6. Film Thickness:

Results: 50 microns ( 5) A brief explanation of the test: measure the thickness of dry film thickness gauge device polymer surfaces.


7. Sawing and Drilling:

Cut and drill test simulation work on the production line profiles with door and window and blade 3 mm drill results: No pallor and cracking during operation has been. A brief explanation of the test: color piece (after the final polymerization) in Doors and windows production line and drill cutting and assembly work was Fittings.


Tests which have done :


1 . Standard Test Method for

Deterioration of Geotextiles by Exposure to Light, Moistureand Heat in a Xenon Arc Type Apparatus1  .                                                ( ASTM D4355   or PEU D471309 )


2 . Standard Test Methods for

Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test1  .                      ( ASTM D3359  or  PEU D251075 )


3 . Standard Test Methods for

Mandrel Bend Test of Attached Organic Coatings1 . ( ASTM  D522   or   PEU D155362 )


Download Standards

D251075.PDF , D251298.pdf , D275377.pdf

D275415.pdf , D275439.pdf , D155362.pdf




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