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By the use of modern technology and appropriate raw material as well as reliance on its experienced personnel, Azin Rang Pegah Company is capable of producing the paint of polymeric material as in compliance with whatever condition that the utilization of part may require in addition to production of uPVC Profile paint in response to demand of customers.


Producing color for uPVC profiles

Upvc profile is popular in construction industry and 2-layer window frames. However, its substitute, aluminum profile is more popular since no one can color uPVC profile surface (related to buildings' exteriors). On the other hand, aluminum has its shortcoming; Upvc profile is more effective on heat transmission and reduction usage of heat energy.


As importance of energy usage optimizing increased, applying Upvc

Profile in 2-layer window frames attracted civil engineers' attention as one of the construction material. Nevertheless, it could not fulfill the customer's need since it could be produce just in white color, so it did not have the advantage of color variety. Considering this fact, we have produced a color substance based on polyester epoxy for covering and coloring pvc polymer surface not only meet the market demand and customers' taste but also protecting the profile against UV rays and harsh climates.


The research was started in two different subjects; the undercoat layer and the coat layer. The two layers were studied separately, the penetration of undercoat layer into PVC and the coat layer resistance against UV rays as quality indexes. It is noteworthy that these researches took 18 months. The mentioned time was mainly dedicated to durability and UV tests.


Having produced this color substance, it is possible now to color one surface of Upvc; therefore, it is also possible to color and harmonize the outer surface of windows with buildings' exteriors. Applying this method, people can change their old building windows with new Upvc windows which their color are harmonized with the other windows of their building.


The undercoat layer is based on polyester epoxy and has coated on polymer part warmly. Moreover, an appropriate solvent is applied for penetration of the color resin into pvc to increase the stickiness amount of the color layer on the polymer part. On the other hand, we have used UV rays resistant pigment which was tested in a simulated condition. The result of this test estimates that the color lasts long for minimum 10 years in harsh climates.


It is worth mentioning that mineral pigments can mixed with pvc pulp in the extrude time for coloring pvc pulp, but this method has some disadvantages comparing our method.

These advantages are as follow:

1. Reduction of polymer stickiness regarding the existence of pigments among polymerized molecules ( crack of Upvc polymer after 5 years exposure to sunshine )

2. Coloring all dimensions of the profile surfaces (each 4 dimensions), without considering the color and interior decoration of the building.

3. Higher price comparing the new method because of coloring all profile.

4. Lack of color variety (concerning the limitation of mineral pigments).


This color substance is capable to penetrate in to uPVC profies about 4 microns. By this way we raise up the adhesion of profile surface.


Having produced this color substance, it is possible now to paint profiles not only to meet the market demand but also protecting the profile against UV rays.



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