uPVC profile is being used in construction industry for making frames of double windows and since the profile surfaces are incapable of being painted as the consumers' standards require (i.e. the surface of buildings' facade), practically usage of this substance is facing some difficulties compared to its substitute which is aluminum profile. Considering the disadvantageous peculiarities of aluminum that would be its increased heat transference, substituting it with uPVC profile could overwhelmingly reduce the thermal energy consumption in buildings.


As a matter of fact, the optimization of energy consumption is turning into a major worldwide concern, therefore using uPVC profiles as a raw material in construction industries in making frames of double windows has draw the attention of engineers to itself, however, since this substance could only be produced in white and lacks qualitative colorfulness, the manufacturers of uPVC windows and doors cannot technically satisfy the diversely colored tastes of consumers. Hence, in order to cope with market demands, our team has provided an epoxy polyester based paint for coating and painting uPVC profile surfaces which not only creates diversity of color for such product but also protects the profile against ultra violet rays and harsh climate situations.


The research program was triggered in two subject matters of primer layer and surface layer where the requirements of each layer were studied in details. The outcome of this research was the permeation of primer layer into the uPVC and resistance of the surface layer to ultra violet rays, however both of these achievements are taken as great qualitative specifications. It has to be noted that the accomplishment of these research took 18 months that the majority of this time was dedicated to performing resistance, solidity and durability tests against UV rays.


Primer layer of the given coating is based on epoxy polyester that is implemented on the subject while it is warm. In order to increase the tenacity of primer layer on the polymeric surface, an applicable solution is used for increasing the permeation of resin into uPVC. The surface coating paint is comprised of UV-Resistant pigments that increase the permanency of coating paint to its maximum possible durability. According to the simulated tests' results, a minimum of 10 years of lifetime is estimated for this coating paint in harsh climate situations. Therefore the painted coating for uPVC profiles is guaranteed for 10 years from date of implementation against sunray's UV and peeling of paint (adhesiveness of paint film in compliance with PEU D251075, Cross Hatch 6151 test, 2 millimeters size, grade A)in all types of climates throughout Iran.


Having easy access to the appropriate machineries and equipments and considering the nature of raw materials, manufacturing capabilities and implemented painting would be as follows:

1. Possibility of painting either side of profile with distinctive colors depending on the taste of customer;

2. Possibility of painting assembled windows and doors (prior to installation) in order to eliminate waste of painted profile;

3. Possibility of painting window knobs and other accessories of doors and windows;

4. Implementing paint with a unique thickness on profiles with deferring cross sections;

5. Highly resistant epoxy polyester coating against impacts and strokes that removes the worries about handling and moving profiles or windows once the paint is implemented.


It has to be mentioned that for painting the uPVC paste, we can mix it with the mineral pigments at the extruding time, however the shortcomings of which compared to the current method are:

  Decrease in adhesiveness of polymer because of the presence of mineral pigments between polymerized molecules (fractions will appear on uPVC polymer after some years of exposure to sunlight);

  Faint shades of color due to the limitation on using pigments in uPVC paste;

  All sides of profile surface could get painted (all four sides) regardless of the color of the internal design and decoration of the building; 

  Expensive cost because of painting the entire profile rod in comparison to the new method;

  Lack of color diversity in painting (due to limited mineral pigments);

  Losing the option of choosing the color's shade that matches the color of implementation location or consumer's taste prior to production of profile.



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